B5 pouch

Three pockets.

This pouch has got three pockets made of wrap fastened with a zip.

B5 pouch.


Unfastened stripe allows to fasten the pouch to the bag, rucksack, etc.

B5 fastening.


Into the pockets you can put 6 CF memory cards and there is also space for the documents.

B5 pockets made of wrap.


B5 pouch is ideal as wallet for CF memory cards, small memory cards, documents or credit cards. Three pockets are fastened with YKK zip and they are made of wrap so you can quickly choose the right memory card. On the back side of the pouch there is unfastened stripe what  allows to fasten the pouch to the bag, rucksack, etc.


b5 pouch
B5 pouch   (0423062696682)   -width/height: 9 x 15 cm        suggested retail price- 60,00 zł


Given dimensions are dimensions after folding the pouch. Unfolded pouch is: -width/height: 9 x 44 cm. Dimensions of three pockets are: (from the left) -width/height:  5,5  x 11 cm / 5,5 x 13 cm / 5,5 x 13 cm.