S0 / S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 / S7 / S8 pouch

Tightened collar .

You can close the pouch by tightening the collar what is very silent and quick like also gives protection to your equipment.

closing the pouch

Fastening to camera belt.

All pouches can be fastened to camera belt without using Velcro. Many loops stabilize the pouch and  20mm Airlock is responsible for the safety.

fastening of the pouches

Stiffen collar and stabilizing loop.

According to the weight of the photographic equipment in   s5 / s6 / s7 pouches, there is stiffen collar and additional stabilizing loop.

 stiffen collar

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  • s06

photographic pouches drop’in type

That kind of pouches are ideal for somebody who changes camera lenses very often. The ribbing which perfectly closes the pouch is ideal because of the speed and silence during work. The only need to keep your equipment safe is to tighten the ribbon. To make our work more comfortable we have to remember about couple aspects:

  • You should have one additional pouch to put you camera lens in when you unfasten it.
  • Your pouch should be a little bit wider than your lens because of the sun protection.
  • You shouldn’t put the lens with its lid. In the consequence the bottom of your pouch must be clean. A piece of microfibre cloth is also useful to clean your lens.
  • You fasten the pouches when they are empty and the camera belt is unfasten.
  • The pouches should be fasten symmetrically to lay out the weight of you equipment.
  • When you use the flash light occasionally, you should put your lamp in the special flash pouch F1.icn-i2
  • Small pouches should be fasten in the front of your camera belt.
  • You should have on your camera belt only necessary equipment.


sakwa S0
S0   (0)   – śr/wys: 7 x 6 cm         – suggested retail price-  50,00 zł 

S1 pouch
S1   (0469574093434)   – diameter/height : 9 x 10 cm           – suggested retail price- – 50,00 zł

S2 pouch
S2   (0454968693642)    diameter/height : 9 x 14 cm          – suggested retail price-60,00 zł 

s3 pouch
S3   (0438034678733)   diameter/height : 9 x 17 cm           – suggested retail price-70,00 zł 

sakwa S4
S4   (0457375041624)   diameter/height : 9 x 22 cm         – suggested retail price-80,00 zł 

S5 pouch
S5   (0442928733330)   diameter/height : 12 x 14 cm           – suggested retail price-90,00 zł 

S6 pouch
S6   (0449932438442)   diameter/height : 12 x 21 cm         – suggested retail price-90,00 zł 

S7 pouch
S7   (0435203122790)   diameter/height: 12 x 25 cm          – suggested retail price-  110,00 zł 

sakwa S8
S8   (0)   śr/wys: 14 x 27 cm        – suggested retail price-  110,00 zł