Duoz stripe

The kit.

In every kit there are stripes to connect camera belt and chest stripe.

Duoz stripe.

The connection of SL stripe.

Duoz stripe has a possibility to add C stripes and to clasp SL main stripe to the camera.

Duoz stripe.

The connection.

In every kit there are 3 regulators which allow to connect the stripe to other camera belts.

Duoz stripe.


This stripe is designed for holding camera belts. It is possible to add under-shoulder stripes and -SL main stripe to hold the camera on the same side of the body as the epaulette. In every kit there are: the epaulette, two stripes to connect the camera belt and short stripe to connect the epaulettes on the chest.

Duoz stripe.
Duoz stripe  (0406021280627)       suggested retail price – 200,00 zł


C stripe.
Duoz C stripe (0432955337700)       suggested retail price – 25,00 zł


SL stripe.
SL stripe with PROFI buckle (0442483298930)       suggested retail price – 80,00 zł


SL stripe.
SL stripe with PROMAX buckle  (0449370158995)       suggested retail price – 110,00 zł