Questions / FAQ

Which casco buckle to choose?

When you use stripe constructed like NEO C stripe it is better to have casco v.2 buckle while in other stripes it is better to have casco v.1 buckle because it is easier to unclasp two buckles.icn-i2

Are chest stripes in every kit?

Sling stripe kit includes:

  • Under-shoulder stripe.
  • Short connector for under-shoulder stripe clasped to the front of the epaulette.
  • Longer chest stripe when you use the camera on the same part of your body as the epaulette. This stripe is not added to the DUAL RS and ECHO stripes kit.

What buckles are in every kit?

In each sling stripe kit there are:

Feminine part of the v.1 clasp.

Feminine part of the v.2 clasp.

Feminine part of casco v.1 clasp or feminine part of casco v.2 clasp.
Profi buckle.

Promax buckle.

The connector to camera – PROFI or PROMAX.
Regulator which prevents from moving the camera to the back.  
Cleat for the main stripe.  

Are screws in every kit?

In every kit there are necessary screws for the camera.

For different buckles there are different types of screws:

PROFI buckle – ST screw
PROMAX buckle – MT screw connected by polyamide stripe to PROMAX plate. icn-i2
XT screw can be bought additionally.
STs screw can be bought additionally.

When you buy a stripe with PROFI buckle it is possible to exchange ST screw for STs screw or XT screw.

Are FX block buckles in every kit?

FX block buckle.
No, FX block buckles are additional elements to buy. icn-i2  

How to put under-shoulder stripe?

Putting under-shoulder stripe.
The way of putting under-shoulder stripe.
Changing under-shoulder stripe.
Changing under-shoulder stripe.
Changing under-shoulder stripe.
Changing under-shoulder stripe.
Przepinanie taśmy podramiennej.


What is the cost and way of shipping?

Our packages are sent by UPS company. The cost of shipping is 30,00 zł.

We can also send our products by Polish Post. The cost of shipping small package without insurance is 8,00 zł while the cost of package with declared price of the package is 16,00 zł. When sending by Polish Post it is first necessary to pay for our products.


Because we have a wide appeal of our products we guarantee the exchange or refund in 14 days from the date of purchase. Refund conditions can be different from the place of buying.

General measurements are inside measurements.

Given prices are suggested gross prices and can be different from the place of purchase. All products ordered from the website have these prices and the do not include the costs of shipment.

Special offers and discounts do not add up.

ATTENTION – Before using always check the technical condition of your stripe. In spite of using the high quality of materials, they wear out all the time. The worn out stripe is dangerous to your equipment. It is necessary to control the conditions of seams and clasps. The worn out element must be replaced.

ATTENTION – Always use the clasps for the cameras, other components can destroy your equipment.