ST screw / STs screw / XT screw / MT screw


Good workmanship from steel guarantee high quality and safety of your photographic equipment.


Screws for carrying equipment.


For better durability rubber washers have white spots on the edges what toughen them.

Toughened rubber washers.

Black finishing.

The screws are made of steel which is chemically blacken what makes them to look good for a long time.

Black finishing.


All screws are made of steel and they are for hanging the camera. ST screw ans STs screw have folded ‘ear’ made of 3mm steel wire. XT screw has rotational steel ‘ear’ and it has bigger diameter from other screws. MT screw is made of one steel element. All screws are in black colour.


ST screw
ST   (0449141069734)   –diameter / height:  16 x 10 mm        suggested retail price – 25,00 zł

STs screw
STs   (0413088134671)  diameter / height: 15 x 4 mm         suggested retail price – 25,00 zł 


XT screw
XT   (0466682949622)  diameter / height: 19 x 14 mm          sugerowana cena detaliczna – 30,00 zł 

MT screw
MT  (0414602552520)   diameter / height:  18 x 18 mm         suggested retail price – 25,00 zł 

MT screw with the stripe for PROMAX clasp
MT+   (0464263560235)   –  length:  110 mm                       suggested retail price – 40,00 zł 


The hight of screws is given after screwing them with the wsher to the camera. The heads of STs screws have 4mm. In MT+ kit there is given the length of polyamide stripe from the camera to PROMAX clasp. 

ATTENTION! It is not allowed to hang the camera on the other readily available screws. Majority of readily available screws are not adapted for loading them. Using them you can destroy your equipment.