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  • “S” pouches
    “S” pouches
    lens pouches
  • Dual X
    Dual X
    Designed for using two cameras simultaneously or one camera.
  • Vtr
    This stripe is for supporting veist belt V2, V3 and V5.
  • Dual Rs
    Dual Rs
    Designed for using two cameras.
  • LS strap
    LS strap
  • sls – leather stripe
    sls – leather stripe
    sling leather stripe
  • Pro
    In every kit there are additional under-shoulder stripe and chest stripe what allows to hang the camera on the same part of the body as the apaulette.
  • Pro RS
    Pro RS
    The epaulette has two elliptic epaulettes what gives good ventilation of your shoulder.
  • Basic
    Basic stripe has got straight thin epaulette made of mesh.
  • Neo C / Neo C+
    Neo C / Neo C+
  • V3
    V3 camera belt designed for using heavy equipment.
  • v5
    V5 camera belt designed for using medium equipment.
  • V2
    V2 camera belt designed for using medium equipment.
  • D2/D3
    These pouches are designed for flat accessories.
  • F1
    F1 pouch is dedicated for flesh.
  • Duoz
    Duoz stripe is designed for holding camera belts.
  • D4/D5
    These pouches are designed for accessories like: wires, lids, chargers, diffusers, etc.
  • WRS 20 / WRS 25
    WRS 20 / WRS 25
    Wrist camera stripe protects the camera which is hold in hand.
  • B6 / B7
    B6 / B7
    B6/B7 pouch is designed for holding sets of batteries.
  • B5
    Pouch is ideal as wallet for memory cards.
  • ST / STs / XT / MT
    ST / STs / XT / MT
    Good workmanship from steel guarantee high quality and safety of your photographic equipment.
  • B1
    This pouch is designed for CF memory cards, AA batteries, credit cards or other documents.
  • Metro
  • BG series
    BG series
  • Tunel ’90 ‘110 ‘130
    Tunel ’90 ‘110 ‘130
  • ‘D30 / ‘D40 / ‘D50 / ‘D60
    ‘D30 / ‘D40 / ‘D50 / ‘D60
  • Profi / Promax
    Profi / Promax
    Clasps is made of one part of aluminium.
  • Casco V.1 / Casco V.2
    Casco V.1 / Casco V.2
    Additional camera protection.
  • Duplex v.1
    Duplex v.1
    The fastening is made of polyamide stripes and Duraflex buckle.
  • Other accessories …
    Other accessories …