Duplex v.1


10mm stripe has 4 adjusters produced by Duraflex company. The stripe has to be threaded through them.

Four adjusters which fasten 10mm stripe together.


Buckles produced by Duraflex company guarantee safety of hanged equipment. It is necessary to press three buttons to unfasten the camera.

Double buckle


It is possible to fasten your camera using MT screw what makes easier to hold it.

Fastening with MT screw.


The fastening is made of polyamide stripes and Duraflex buckle. It is necessary to press four buttons to unfasten the camera. This fastening can be with four 10mm adjusters or with MT screw.

MT screw
duplex v.1    (0489427718468)   –   suggested retail price – 25,00 zł

MT screw
duplex v.1 MT (0495615137577)   –   suggested retail price – 50,00 zł