D2 / D3 pouch


These pouches are flat and they have got two pockets fastened with zip.

D4 pouch + D5 pouch.

The front pocket.

The front pocket is made of wrap. It’s possible to put in it bigger accessories.

D5 pouch.


These pouches have ears on the both sides what allows to fasten them to camera belt or belt by adding special clasp.

B7 pouch.


These pouches are designed for flat or bigger accessories like memory cards, photographic filters, wires, lids, etc. The front pocket is made of wrap.


D2 pouch.
D2 pouch   (0450176263295)   width/ depth / height: 20 x 4  x 12 cm      suggested retail price – 35,00 zł

D3 pouch.
D3 pouch   (0446452489442)   –width/ depth / height: 22 x 5 x 18 cm      suggested retail price – 40,00 zł