casco v.1 / casco v.2

How to thread the chest stripe?

Appropriate way of threading the stripe through the regulators prevent from pulling it out.

closing the pouch

 Two regulators.

Two regulators are always attached to casco protection. Polyamide stripes give high durability to our products.

attaching pouches

Compatibility of buckles.

Casco v.2 buckle is compatible with buckles in other stripes what allows to change the camera very quickly.

stiffened material


Additional casco protection.

Casco v.1 buckle is added to each stripe while casco v.2 buckle can be sold as an additional element or beside of casco v.1 buckle. For classic stripes like for example Neo C stripe casco v.2 buckle allows to change camera very quickly. It is also possible to disassemble these buckles from the stripe. Casco v.1 buckle is produced by ITW company and casco v.2 buckle by DURAFLEX company.



casco v.1
casco v.1 (0488710352525)   suggested retail price – 20,00 zł

casco v.2
casco v.2 –  (0415968757031)    suggested retail price – 20,00 zł