Basic stripe


Basic stripe has got straight thin epaulette made of mesh.

Basic's epaulette.

The construction.

Lack of stiffeners and neoprene makes this stripe flat and gives good ventilation.

Basic;s epaulette.


The camera is fastened by Duplex ver 2. buckle but it is aslo possible to change it for Profi or Promax buckle.

Duplex ver.2 buckle.


This stripe has simple design. The epaulette is made of mesh while the main stripe is made of hight quality polyamide stripe. This stripe has got one flat buckle on the back. In this kit there is Duplex ver.1 buckle.    


Basic stripe.
Basic stripe  Duplex buckle(0434304834410)        suggested retail price – 125,00 zł

Basic stripe.
Basic stripe  Duplex MT buckle (0497288020415)        suggested retail price – 150,00 zł